The Market Standard for Transactional Attorneys

Welcome to Exemplify, the market standard for transactional attorneys.  Exemplify was founded to provide attorneys in transactional practice with a transformational research solution to assist them in every stage of the drafting process.

Founded by former transactional attorney and current Pepperdine University law professor Robert Anderson, Exemplify is the result of years of expert research into the needs of transactional attorneys.

Exemplify represents an entirely new category of research solution for attorneys in transactional practice, one that is:

  • As comprehensive as a review of a full EDGAR search service (while requiring no searching and at a fraction of the time and expense)
  • As exacting as an expert's detailed review
  • As current and timely as the market allows
  • As easy to use as a word processor

Every Stage of the Transactional Drafting Process

Exemplify is a new breed of research tool used at every stage of the transactional drafting process, from precedent selection all the way to final review.


Transactional Law Innovation

At Exemplify, we believe that transactional law practice is ready for a breakthrough innovation. Call us at 888.598.8386 or and find out why we feel Exemplify is just that kind of innovation.

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